How To Use Kinemaster | Step By Step [Android Apk 2019]

Kinemaster is a smartphone based video editing application which is now counted among the top video editing applications in the industry. The application is very light in the comparison of the computer’s software yet you get access to almost all kinds of advanced features in it.

There are many versions of Kinemaster which vary from each other in terms of their features and the membership plans. Here below in this article, we are providing you with the basic guide about the tools and the components of Kinemaster. The guide will help you to be aware of the features of Kinemaster and then use them easily.

Here below we are providing you with the several components of the Kinemaster which you will see in the Kinemaster applications and here is how you can use it.

Action Bar

The Action bar of the Kinemaster can also be termed as the main menu of the Kinemaster where you will execute the main task of video editing. You will see the action bar option on the left side of the screen.

Here below are the several keys that you will get in the action bar of the Kinemaster.

  • Back Key- You can return to the main menu of the Kinemaster using this key.
  • Undo- The Undo key will nullify or delete the last video editing task.
  • Redo- Using this key you can get back the last undone video editing task.
  • Help Section- In the help section, you can get any kind of help regarding the knowledge about using any key.
  • Expand- If you want to expand the Kinemaster timeline in the vertical shape then you can use this expanded key.
  • Jump Key- If you want to jump at the end or the beginning section of the video editing process then you can use this key.
  • Capture and save the frame feature- Using this feature you can easily save.
  • Capture of the video editing frame. This feature helps to take the screenshot of the screen.
  • Capture frame and insert it to the right/left side of the editing video clip- Using this feature you can basically capture the screen and then insert this photo in the primary timeline. It will be used as a thumbnail of the video.
  • Delete- You can easily delete the selected item from the main timeline of the Kinemaster using the delete key. So, these are the several keys that you will get in the Kinemaster and you can use them in the primary timeline of the Kinemaster.

Now here below we are going to discuss the other primary components of the Kinemaster.

  • Timeline of the Kinemaster

The timeline of the Kinemaster is the main user interface where the main video editing task takes place. You can see the timeline of the Kinemaster as divided between the vertical and horizontal shapes which are known as the primary and the secondary timelines.

  • Media Panel of the Kinemaster

The media panel is the other significant component of the Kinemaster where you will get access to all the necessary tools by the help of which you can edit the videos.

You will get the varieties of the tool in the media panel and you need to select the tools, as per your preference which is required to edit the video.

  • Voice Over Recorder

This is the other significant component of the Kinemaster which is used almost in all kinds of professional video editing. You can add your own voice in the edited videos by using the voice over recorder features.

You need to tap on the audio recording layer and then you can easily record your own voice suitable to the edited video. After integrating the audio the video will play having your voice in it.

These are the main components of the Kinemaster with the help of which you can easily use this video editing application. We are also going to attach the one video tutorial of the Kinemaster, where you will get the visual knowledge about how you can use the various tools and components of the Kinemaster.

If you are still facing any kind of difficulty while using the Kinemaster then feel free to approach us for further help.

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