Kinemaster Mod APK Without Watermark Download {Unlocked Version}

If you are one of those people who work in the domain of professional video editing and, if you are seeking the best tool for that purpose then Kinemaster could be the best available option for you.

It is one of the most powerful video editing application in the present video editing application/software industry, and since it is meant for the smart-phone users hence you can easily edit your videos even while you are on the go.

Here below we are going to discuss the two versions of Kinemaster

Kinemaster Mod APK No Watermark 

Kinemaster mod basically can be defined as the premium version which comes with no watermark feature. Watermark is basically the trademark logo of the Kinemaster, which is an integral part of the basic free version of Kinemaster.

Any video which is edited by this version contains the Kinemaster watermark, which is not considered decent in the professional videos.

In the Kinemaster Mod version, users get no watermark features means in this version you can remove the watermark, and render a professional outlook to the edited videos.

Here are the major features of Kinemaster Mod.

  •      This version supports all the formats of the videos.
  •          You can trim the video frame by frame in this version.
  •          Fade in fade out sound feature to make the videos more creative. 
  •          Chroma key features which are quite new
  •          Instant preview of the video after editing the video to make the desired changes.
  •          Multiple layers to the videos and the 3D transitions.

We have here mentioned only a few major features of this version rest there are many more features that you will get in this version. You can get the APK version of Kinemaster Mod from here, and after getting the setup you will need to install it to enjoy all the features. 

      Kinemaster Mod V8 APK Download

The V8 series of Kinemaster is the sub-variant series of its mod version, where you will see the lineup of the different V series variants such as V5, V6, V7, V8 and so on.

This V series of Kinemaster has been targeted specifically to those users, who don’t want to buy the main prime version of it since they don’t need all fully unlocked features of Kinemaster as they can go with some selected set of features.

Kinemaster Mod V6 APK

It doesn’t mean that Mod V8 gets only a few main features you will still get almost all the major features.

Some of those features we are listing here below.

  •      Video speed adjustment controls.
  •          Editing the video on a real-time basis along with the instant preview. 
  •         Video trimming by frame by frame.
  •          3D Transition Effects.
  •          Direct social media sharing.
  •          Providing various audio filters. 

Here further we are providing you with the APK setup link of Kinemaster Mod V8 or you can get it from their website. Keep in your mind that you will need to buy the premium membership of this version in order to unlock all above-mentioned features.

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